Reusable Silicone Food Storage Preservation Bags

Versatile Cooking Bag for Freeze, Steam, Heat, Microwave Fruits Vegetables Meat Milk and More (Set of 4)

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Keep Your Food Fresh With GMN Storage

Are you looking for a way to store and freeze your food but the conventional containers take up too much space?

Do you want a safe and eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags?

Then look no further because we’ve got you covered!

The GMN Storage silicone food bags are exactly what you need!

Superior Quality

The food storage bags are made with the finest quality food grade silicone that will give you maximum results.

The silicone bags are very durable so you can use them over and over again, and they are heat resistant so you can microwave them or boil them without worrying about releasing toxins and dangerous chemicals into your food.

Just make sure to remove the locking slide bar before microwaving for best results.

The reusable food bags are FDA and SGS Approved Food Grade Silicone, BPA and BPS Free making them sustainable and eco-friendly so you can rest assured that they are safe for you and the environment.

Convenient Design

The silicone food bags can be easily sealed for a secure and airtight closure. This way your food will stay fresh, perfectly preserved, and safe.

The bags are very easy to clean and they are completely leak-proof so you can rest assured that no mess will be made, even when you fill them up with liquids.

For Every Use

This set of 4 x 34 ounces (1000ml) food storage bags is essential for every kitchen.

The silicone bags can be used to preserve food in the freezer, organize your cupboards, wrap your sandwich and carry your lunch, or even for sous vide cooking.

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